Strength in numbers!

Taxivist is a PAC; your PAC!

We will use your dues to sponsor candidates who sign commitments to support these initiatives while in office.

1. Change the election process for Congress and the White House.

  • All candidates are funded by the government. No personal money or outside contributions allowed. Period.
  • Any Citizen can be a candidate for office if they receive the nomination from their party or if they collect enough signatures on a candidacy petition. Each level of office has a certain number of signatures required.
  • Every TV and radio station with an FCC license will be required to give to each official candidate a certain number of primetime advertising minutes for political messages.
  • The campaign session lasts for six weeks before the election. No campaigning is allowed before that period.
  • The actual election will take place over a 7 day period, with polls open 24 hours each day.

2. Change the way Congress and the President are paid.

  • All elected members of Congress and the President are paid a salary equal to the median wage of the people they represent. For example, the President represents the entire country and is therefore paid a salary equal to the median wage of all the American citizens.
  • All retirement benefits for members of Congress and the President are eliminated. These are positions of public service, not positions of personal enrichment.
  • All benefits, such as health care, insurance, travel, allowances and other perks are exactly equal to the benefits enjoyed by the majority of the citizens they represent.

3. Eliminate the influence of big money on the political process.

  • No access to the floor of Congress for anyone other than the current elected members of Congress. Former members of Congress have no more privileges than a regular citizen.
  • All members of Congress and the President must wait a minimum of two years after leaving Congress before accepting a job with any political affiliation, except public speaking positions.
  • All active members of Congress and the White House are prohibited from accepting any gifts, travel, paid speaking engagements.
  • All laws are written only by members of Congress or the White House.